Water Damage Restoration

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Surveys have shown that 60% of disaster we have to face through water damage, like flooding, storms, pipe break etc. Rapidly responding to water damage is necessary to secure the structure of your building. The smallest water damage can turn up into a huge mess if you do not take important steps quickly. Presence of quality experts in such place to handle emergency water damage is equally important if you require the job finish in an authentic way.


American Carpet Cleaning will use a water damage alleviation and restoration method to remove and dehumidify the building. Then our next professional will facilitate the healing process. Furthermore, to prevent future damage, we use our master plan for water extraction, dehumidifying and drying with the use of advanced equipment. We analyze each and every part of your house to make sure no part is left with water which can usually miss out during DIY such as walls and ceilings. We will leave your building as water damaged never happened.   


Firstly, the main objective of American Carpet Cleaning is to minimize the damage when dealing with water damage. Secondly, protecting customer’s interior property and providing them a clean and safe living habitat at the end of the restoration.

The procedure we follow for water damage restoration includes:


  • * Recognizing the source of water damage
  • * Emergency on-site repair
  • * Water removal(Extraction)
  • * Sanitizing and Decontamination
  • * Assembling our high-end professional drying machines
  • * Mold prevention and control
  • * Restoration on the affected areas.

American Carpet Cleaning has completed hundreds of commercial, industrial and residential emergency water damage restoration in Las Vegas and nearby areas. Our professionals are fully licensed and certified.  Their skills and experience guarantee the best water damage restoration.

Above all, the safety of customers is the priority for American Carpet Cleaning. Due to this we only prefer eco-friendly products that meet the highest industry standards. Due to lots of word of mouth from our happy customers. People in Las Vegas and nearby areas are inspired to call American Carpet Cleaning professional’s immediately.


We provide emergency services 24/7 with the highest quality standards. When something unexpected happens at your place, call us 702-509-5004We can get it done that too in an eco-friendly way.