Top Tips For Green Carpet Cleaning At An Affordable Price

Top Tips For Green Carpet Cleaning At An Affordable Price

Regardless of putting best efforts in cleaning your carpet, it becomes the victim of spills, drops, accidents and huge foot traffic. There are various chemical spot removers available in the market to clean the stain from your carpets. These cleaning products generally contain abrasive substances that might be chlorine or petroleum-based solvents. Eventually, it results to harm both the environment and health. If you want to have a healthy environment in your space, then opt for green carpet cleaning.

In order to restore the look of your carpet back to its original form without causing any harm to the environment using natural products is beneficial. Let us take a look at some of the natural carpet cleaning products that not only save your time but also money.

Undiluted vinegar

With kids in your house, it is possible that you observe crayon stains on your carpet. For this, you can use a mixture of undiluted vinegar. Just dip the toothbrush into the solution of vinegar and scrub the stained area. As a result, you are able to remove the spot of crayon easily from your carpet, making it beautiful again without spending a penny.

Detergent Cleaner

Now you can make the detergent cleaner at home itself. Normally a detergent is available in everybody’s home. Use it with stain remover and apply it to the stained area, it will remove the stain faster. This is the best way to save money on expensive carpet cleaning solutions. Also, you know what exactly is in your cleaning solution.


When your favorite red wine spill on your light-colored carpet, it is the matter to think. With the help of salt, the spill can be cleaned. Yes! You heard it right! Just sprinkle the salt on the stained spot and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. The salt will absorb the stain and turn it into light pink. After that, you can clean the mixture with the solution of vinegar and water.

Essentials Oils

Another secret weapon for cleaning your carpet is essential oils. With the simple baking soda and a few drops of essential oils, you can create the carpet cleaning solution. It is a simple yet effective solution for cleaning your carpet. Just sprinkle on your carpet and leave it for half an hour. Apply on your carpet stain for the best cleaning result.            

Seeking For Professional Help To Clean Your Carpet?

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