Tiles & Grout Cleaning

Tiles and Grout Cleaning Las Vegas

If you’re are looking for a specialized and locally trusted tile & grout cleaning company that provides customize cleaning in Las Vegas, American Carpet Cleaning are the team for the job. From monthly cleans through to full tile and grout cleaning & Restoration.

At American Carpet Cleaning, we perceive how important it is to keep your tiled floor and walls in a pristine condition, and how tough the task would be at the same time. Grout has a porous structure so it can easily allow dirt, grime, and grease to penetrate it. Besides that, it will ruin the overall look of your premises. We can assure you that when you choose American Carpet Cleaning as your tile and grout cleaning provider, you are going to be provided with the best service from American Carpet Cleaning professionals. Above all, you are going to get the best results.


American Carpet Cleaning Tile Cleaning Service

American Carpet Cleaning professionals use a fusion of treatments to loosen the dirt using heat, pressure, and vacuum rising. This technique of cleaning is deeper, more powerful than before. No matter if, the tiles are in the kitchen, bathroom, on the walls or on the floors, we guarantee to restore them to a new condition.


American Carpet Cleaning Grout Sealing and Cleaning

As done with the deep cleaning, one of the biggest problem that our customers face is keeping the grout clean. Well, we have a solution for that; we have a color sealing solution for you. Grout Perfect Technology feels, looks and behaves like grout. However, there is no huge difference. It creates impenetrable layers (protective film) across the grout. Now just grab a general purpose cleaner when you need to clean the tile and wipe it off.

Let’s see some of the benefits that you can avail from American Carpet Cleaning

Benefits of tile & grout cleaning:

  • * Easy floor maintenance
  • * Gleaning results last longer
  • * Anti-slip finish
  • * Resists mold growth
  • * Rejuvenate the appearance of old tiles and grout
  • * Fast drying

Are you in need of Tile & Grout cleaning? Get a Quote or use our contact form. Contact us if your tile and grout is needs cleaning, we will take care of them likely they are our own! We offer a wide range of cleaning services such as Carpet cleaning, Rug cleaning, Pet odor removal, Upholstery cleaning in Las Vegas and nearby areas.

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