Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Las Vegas

Rugs are an important asset in the house and are in a huge demand nowadays. People buy attractive and expensive rugs because it has two advantages. Firstly, it acts as a protection layer to the flooring and secondly, the rug gives an attractive look to the flooring as well as to the room.

It feels ashamed when beautiful rug becomes soiled, stained and attract pollutants such as germ and dust. We understand that rugs are an expensive investment to homes but it works as a filter, which traps dirt and other harmful bacteria from circulating in the room. They tear and wear just the same as other carpets. You should hire a professional cleaning company for rug cleaning on a regular basis. Rugs come in a wide variety of range. It is very important to clean the rug with the best suitable method. Sometimes the rug gets damage because people watch online rug cleaning videos and follow them, which is not appropriate.

If you care for your rug but not able to give a proper attention to it, then there is nothing to worry about. We recommend steam cleaning for rugs because it is the best method to get your rugs deep cleaned. Once used on the rugs with environmentally friendly products and solutions, your rug will look fresh and clean.

Professional Cleaning


We follow professional cleaning techniques, which will eliminate moderate and heavy staining dirt from all types of mats, rugs, and runners. The type of cleaning solution will depend on the amount of staining and the stain present. We have special solutions that will remove all stains efficiently. We can deal with oil, grease, glue, chocolate and coffee stains so that your rugs look fresh and new.


Our process starts with an inspection, where we look for faded locations, discoloration, stains, wear, pre-existing damage, color instability, and odors. We determine to what extent each rug can be cleaned and the appropriate gentle cleaning procedure to be used. We do seven different hand process, which cleans, removes soil and enhances colors and artistry. It is a gentle but highly effective and it will make your rug new as was on the first day.

We use certified and quality products, so it does not, affects your rug. American Carpet Cleaning uses the latest equipment and we have years of experience so we would provide you the best cleaning possible. We believe in eco-friendly solutions while cleaning, so safety considered for you as well as for the environment.   

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