How to Perform Pet Odor and Stain Removal For Carpet

How to Perform Pet Odor and Stain Removal For Carpet

Winter is coming and very soon we will be closing our house because of the cooler weather, leaving us face to face rugs and carpet that look and smell less than fresh. A red wine spill here, accident by pets, and you can really end up with a huge mess on floor. There are range of cleaners available in market which can help you with the pet odor, but they only work as a mask over the pet odor. They don’t have the ability to eliminate the odor from roots. Commercial cleaners and fresheners can contain synthetic ingredients that can harm you and your pets.

Our experts have shared really great ways that work to eliminate grease stains, chewing gum, food and red wine stains, and even cat accidents.

Lets see how you can enjoy sweet smell, fresh looking carpets, safely and naturally. Always do a patch test using these formula. This ensure that the formula is working properly or not on your carpet for instance  color fading.

Here are the tips to deal with different stains.

To Remove Red Wine Stains:

It’s very easy to get rid of stain when they are fresh. Firstly, you need to blot then dilute it. Then:

  1. Pour milk, white wine or you can also use club soda. Blot and wash with warm water and liquid detergent.
  2. Add equal parts of liquid of detergent and fresh hydrogen peroxide and apply over the stain. Then blot again, if required repeat the step again, then use warm water to rinse it off, and lastly leave it dry.  

How To Remove Chewing Gum:

Eliminate as much as possible for you(many people try to pick the gum using plastic, the gum will stick to the plastic and there is a possibility of spreading or sticking to other location). Then take a ice cube and keep it on the remaining gum on the carpet to freeze it. The gum becomes easy to pick out the carpet fibers.

To Remove Grease Stains:

Firstly, blot as much of grease is possible for you. Then apply straight isopropyl alcohol on the stain. Blot, the stained area and remove the grease as much you can. Then wash with warm water and liquid detergent. If that doesn’t get it all, apply a few drops of fresh hydrogen peroxide and blot, then wash again with warm water and detergent.    

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