Home Tips For Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

In older times, traditional ways are used to outshine any new or modern fabric. For oriental rug cleaning homeowners uses their hands to revive its beautiful look. Over the years, Turkish, Chinese or Persian rugs are cleaned and scrubbed outside the residential property and place in the sun to dry. Therefore, we can say hand cleaning is the best way to preserve the value of your oriental carpet.

Steps For Oriental Rug Cleaning at Home

  Examine dust pollutants

While turning your area rugs, if you find dust or small air particles moving around in the sunlight, then it is the time to clean it. Separate the accumulation of dirt and examine the base of each fiber.

 Vacuum the area rugs

Vacuuming is the technique used for cleaning the upper surface of the area rugs. Always remember to vacuum toward a stack of dirt and not in the opposite direction. Don’t vacuum the fringe of the area rugs as it can pull away from the base.

 Wash and rinse it well

If possible, try to wash your area rugs in the sunny day to dry it faster. Use the cloth friendly detergent to clean the wool efficiently. Do not use the ammonia-based product and hard brushes. Turn the area rug over and reverse side to wash it properly. After that, rinse well to remove the excess soapy water.

 Dry it completely

Now it’s time to put your area rug on the patio or in an open area of your property and let it soak up the heat rays of the sun. As per the size of the area rugs, the total time is calculated to dry the area rug. But it takes a day or even two days to dry the area rugs.

The Final Call

After the complete drying process, do not forget to rough the rug fibers with the hand to bring them in a vertical position. After that clean your rug pad and floor to get the freshly new and sparkling clean area rugs. However, if you don’t have enough time and want quality area rug cleaning result, then hiring American Carpet Cleaning is your ultimate destination. Over the years of experience, we have been delivering quality oriental rug cleaning service in Las Vegas and nearby areas. To get more tips, tricks and information about area rug cleaning, contact us at 702-509-5004.