Do You Know How to Repair Your Water Damage Wall

Water Damage

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve experienced a flood in a basement, dripping pipes or leaky roof in your house. It is difficult to face and crucial to repair or replace the walls that have mold and mildew set in. Gypsum is a mineral that is used to manufacture wallboards. It is porous and highly absorbent, means it loses it structural integrity with water damage.

Let’s have a look for Water Damage Restoration: 

Locate the leakage area

Initially, start with addressing the water damage wall or ceiling in your home. You need to locate the spot which is the source of water. There is a chance of water to travel far from the site of the leak cause damage elsewhere. it’s better you approach a licensed plumber to help you out. Without recognizing the source of the water, the problem will resurface again later.

Assess the damage

It depends on the amount of water present and the duration of the saturation. If the dry walls are heavily saturated you need to replace them anyhow because they are of no use. If the dry walls are still securely fastened to stud and the water damaged areas are small. Then you can remove a small portion of the wall and patch it. 

Remove wet drywall

When you are dealing with wet drywall, make sure you wear safety goggles and masks during the process. If you’re dealing with a basement flood situation, make sure you use a laser level. Using a laser mark at 6 inches above the water line around the room. If you are dealing in a small room, mark a square so that the water damaged area is to cut out. Lay down a tarp to catch and debris.  

Utilize a sharp knife to cut at the line. Separate the baseboard trim and then remove wet drywall. You may also need to remove wet insulation. If you notice that the insulation is wet even above the line you’ve cut, more drywall is to be removed.

Make sure before replacing drywall, give the area a dry out at least for 48 hours. Fans and dehumidifiers are very helpful in these process. Meanwhile, approach an electrician to determine the extent of the electrical damage to outlets and switches in the walls and whether they need to be replaced or not.   

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