An Ultimate Guide on How to Clean Ceramic Tile Floor

How to Clean Ceramic Tile Floor

Ceramic tile flooring is renowned for its astounding longevity and ease of maintenance. Therefore, it is suitable for all areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, backsplashes or entryway floors. But how to clean ceramic tile floor? What is the best cleaning solution for ceramic tile floors?

Getting answers for all these questions to help you maintain the ceramic flooring in its best way. Here is the guide covering all the facts and details on cleaning the ceramic tile floor. Follow the steps below to keep your ceramic tile flooring sparkling clean and shiny.

how to clean ceramic tile floor

List of Things Require During the Cleaning Process

  • All-Purpose-Cleaner, or Dish Soap
  • Rotating Microfiber mop handle or a wet Mop
  • Vacuum with a rotating brush deactivated or dust Mop
  • Bucket
  • Water

How to Clean Ceramic Tile Floor?

1. Start with vacuuming your dirty ceramic tile flooring to remove any loose particles and debris from the surface. Also, you can sweep to take out dust from corners and debris lodged between tiles.

Note: Always remember to use a soft brush broom or a soft head attachment of the vacuum cleaner. This way you can prevent scratching on the surface.

2. Now make a cleaning solution. For that, take a bucket and add half a cup of all-purpose-cleaner. Add a gallon of warm water to it. You can also use dish soap according to the availability at your home. Mix it well. It works effectively on grease and water stains.

3. Dip a chamois mop into the ceramic cleaning solution you prepared in the previous step. This will push the dirt off tiles and into the grout. Wring the mop out and start mopping the floor.

ceramic tile floor mopping

4. While mopping, it is advisable to replace the cleaning solution several times to avoid getting dirt again on your ceramic tile floor.

5. Repeat the mopping with clean and hot water until you observe sparkling clean tile flooring. Let it air dry completely.

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